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At HFMS, we pride ourselves in delivering a professional, efficient and effective service to our customers

Additional Services

Hampshire Fire & Medical Services have over 30 operational years experience in local authority Fire and Medical response and are able to provide services that may no longer be available from the local authority due to legislative change or financial constraints. Our intricate knowledge of the running of public sector Emergency Services enables us to identify those roles that may still be required, for example Flood Response to Commercial Property. 

With 30 years experience in building and leading teams in emergency or rapidly evolving situations, we offer team building and leadership professional development events at our Emergency Response Training Centre.


HFMS have worked with many youth organisations throughout the UK to deliver not only First Aid training but also to act as positive role models, supporting young people of different abilities and educational needs. Each year we support local community groups who provide holiday care for young people who are identified as vulnerable. 


For Industry carrying out 'Hot-works' or where there are concerns over effectiveness of fire protection measures HFMS can provide Firefighter cover and 'Waking' watches to support safety of people and property. 


We can support you from initial fire safety, medical needs and environmental protection assessments up to the provision of an appropriate level of Emergency Response Capabilities bespoke to your specific requirements.

In addition to our highly qualified Emergency Responders, we have a range of vehicle capabilities from Rapid Initial Response Vehicles up to Full Capability Firefighting and Pre-hospital Medical Response Vehicles, catering for small organisations up to long-term major works.

To discuss your bespoke requirements please find our contact details at the top or bottom of this page.

What we can offer 
  • Serving Local Authority Firefighters

  • We Operate to National Operational Guidance

  • Serving Local Authority Ambulance Service and Medical Responders

  • Latest Environmentally Friendly Firefighting Technology

  • TV & Film cover

  • Emergency Environmental Protection Specialists

  • Site / Event Risk Assessments

  • Rescue and Safe Working At Height

  • Pre-hospital and Emergency Medicine

  • Waking Watch / Hot Fire Cover

  • Rapid Response Vehicles

  • Treatment Centres

  • Bulk Firefighting Media

  • Bulk Water Provisions 

  • Off-road Capabilities

  • Commercial Flood Response 


Our Services

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